With 27 years in the printing and mailing business, HGS Inc. has the experience to ensure fast turnaround on direct mail projects both large and small. Our services save companies TIME and MONEY by taking the fulfillment part of the direct mail process out of the hands of internal employees, freeing them to focus on their daily responsibilities. Our customers have found that the postage savings alone often pay for the cost of outsourcing the fulfillment of your direct mail projects.

HGS Inc.'s comprehensive mailing services see your direct mail project from start to finish. Our full service process includes the following:

• Material Design and Printing
• Mailing List Process/Verification
• Addressing
• Tabbing
• Insertion/Stuffing
• Sealing
• Postage Metering
• Delivery to Post Office on your required drop date

Whether your project requires the entire process above or just one or two of the steps, HGS Inc. can assist you. Contact Us for a free quotation or to place an order.

Mailing Services

We handle the following types of direct mail:

• Postcards
• Double Postcards
• Self Mailers
• Newsletters
• Catalogs and Magazine
• #10 Envelopes
• Large Envelopes
• Polybag Packaging
• Dimensional Mailers
• CD Mailers
• And MORE!